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After careful thoughts, I have decided to sunset and stop progressively the land shares system. When I started the share system earlier this year, lands costed less than $500, TLM price was inferior to $.06 and NFT were priced at $25. As you know, all those economic data changed a…

I am an ardent promoter of Open Source and had several requests for technical help since I started the NFT Share project. How to hit two birds with one stone?

By putting (most) of my scripts on Github! They are available here.

Technical considerations

The repository contains scripts I use…

It’s time to share some insights about AW Shares during the previous month! If you are new here, reading that article is a good starting point.

Main activity

  • A third land was added to the custodian account on the 25th of February. All details are available here.

February key numbers

  • Over the month, miners produced…

New to AW Land Share? Reading this is a good starting point!

On 25/02/2021, 21:02 ECT, a new land was added to the custodian account of AW Land shares. It means that AW Land shareholders will now receive incomes from 3 Alien Worlds lands.

The new acquisition: Icy Desert on Naron

The new land is an Icy…

Mann from NFT Shares

Building the first NFTs fractional ownership system on WAX. Join me at:

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