New to AW Land Share? Reading this is a good starting point!

On 25/02/2021, 21:02 ECT, a new land was added to the custodian account of AW Land shares. It means that AW Land shareholders will now receive incomes from 3 Alien Worlds lands.

The new acquisition: Icy Desert on Naron

The new land is an Icy Desert, located on Naron 16:18. This land is well balanced, with a low cooldown multiplier and a mining power matching that multiplier. Since it has also 1 Luck, it will also suit NFT miners. Balanced builds like 3x Standard Drills will be awesome on it! Last but not least, its commission is a fair 3%.

For shareholders, that land will diversify holdings since previous lands were both located on Magor. It may also provide more incomes from both the landowner allowance and mining taxes.


The backstory

Curious about the backstory behind that purchase? Here is the backstory!

Since February 2021, I staked some low value NFTs on and played it. I crafted several packs and elements, including the mythical #1 Ocean below.

While I am really bullish about Alien Worlds, I have some doubts regarding R-Planet economics. On the opposite with Alien Worlds Lands, R-Planet NFTs aren’t finite and only provide incomes when given to the game devs. I decided to put that NFT on sale for the sum of 10,000 Wax (around $800 at that time).

It was bought within two hours! I decided to reinvest 6,669 WAX, purchased the Icy Desert mentioned above and give it to my fellow shareholders.

NFT is a crazy world, I am proud to be a part of it on a modest scale. If you want to join the adventure, you can start by buying your own AW Land share.

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