TL;DR: I have bought lands on the blockchain game Alien Worlds and I’ve tokenized them. A share entitles you to 1% of all land income streams.

  1. What is an AW Land Share?

AW Land Shares are NFTs created on the Wax blockchain. There is only 100 AW Land Deed and it is not possible to create new one.

Congrats! You own 1% of an AW land

At this stage, assets tokenized are this Magor mountain and that Magor active volcano.

2. Why should I own an AW Land Deed?

Holding an AW Land Share entices you to 1% the income of all lands I own on Alien Worlds. Currently, these incomes come from:

  • A weekly landowner allowance (roughly 1.000 TRL per land)
  • Mining taxes

3. What do you plan to do with shares?

I plan to use AW Land Deeds as follow:

  • 50% of them will be sold on AtomicHub. I will use the money to purchase more assets (see below) and cover my operational expenses (code, WAX resources…).
  • 30% of them will be given away to Alien Worlds players during events, giveaways…
  • 20% will be reserved for special uses such as gifts or payments to improve the project.
  • 10% of them will stay in my possession forever. I need to keep skin in the game.

5. How can I have an AW Land Share?

At this stage, Land Deeds are only dropped as giveaways or released on AtomicHub marketplace.

6. How is the payment done?

Dividend payment is automated and occurs at least once per day. It is currently done with a script and a smart contract is on its way. If you hold a share, you have nothing else to do!

7. How can I check payouts, ownership and so on?

All events are recorded on the blockchain. You have to check following account:

  • Lands are owned and payment is managed by nfttreasury1
  • The WAX account involved in minting, selling and transfering Land Deeds is dsnqy.wam

8. What’s next?

I’ve some items on my checklist:

  • Buying new lands and expand the concept of fractional ownership of NFTs further. I am investigating other universes such as Megacryptopolis or Decentraland.
  • Making a smart contract to handle payments in a decentralized and trustless way.
  • Governance: it will be awesome to allow you to vote and take important decisions regarding AW Land Deeds management (commission, use of funds…)
  • Onboarding new stakeholders.

Want to be a part of the project?

NFT Share is not related with Alien Worlds in any way. Feel free to send a mail at for further information

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