AW Land Shares February 2021

It’s time to share some insights about AW Shares during the previous month! If you are new here, reading that article is a good starting point.

Main activity

  • A third land was added to the custodian account on the 25th of February. All details are available here.

February key numbers

  • Over the month, miners produced 30,170 Trilium on the tokenized lands. Shareholders got 5% of this amount for lands on Magor and 3% for the Icy Desert. The total amounted 1,498 TLM or 49.434 Wax at current conversion rate.
  • This payout was increased by 2 landowner allowances (1,821.9388 on Feb 15 and 1,632.013 on Feb 25). The total income coming from allowances totaled 3,453.9518 TLM. Please note that allowances received during February were based on two lands and did not include the third land that was added after
  • A single share paid a total 49.519518 TLM over the month. Since payouts are fully automated, shareholders received them twice a day directly.
  • A share was given away during a Alien Worlds Discord giveaway.
  • 10 shares were sold: 6 were exchanged on AtomicHub and 4 were bought directly from me.

Want to be a part of the project?

NFT Share is not related with Alien Worlds or AtomicHub in any way. Feel free to send a mail at for further information.



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