AW Land Shares January 2021 report

Main activity

  • A big giveaway event was organized on Alien Worlds Discord on Jan 21. Players had 72 hours to complete various tasks involving basic game mechanisms (mining, staking, transferring NFTs).
  • The payout system was finalized and worked as expected: payouts occur around 11 PM and 11 AM every day.
  • Thanks to, you can now check live mining stats of tokenized lands here.

January key numbers

  • Over the month, miners produced 56,298 Trilium on the two tokenized lands. Shareholders got 5% of this amount: 2,814.9 TLM or 113.67 Wax at current conversion rate.
  • This payout was increased by 3 landowner allowances (1,838.6906 on Feb 05, 1,297.1016 TLM on Jan 26 and 1,880.8878 TLM on Jan 18). The total income coming from allowances totaled 5,016.68 TLM.
  • A single share paid a total 78.3158 TLM over the month. Since payouts are fully automated, shareholders received them twice a day directly.
  • A total 7 shares were given away during events organized on Alien Worlds and relayed on social media (Telegram, Discord, Twitter).
  • 16 shares were sold on AtomicHub. 15 were bought directly from me and 1 was traded on the secondary market.

What’s next?

I consider AW Land Shares as a working Proof Of Concept that can be expanded further. My main priorities right now are:

  • Strengthen the project footprint on Wax. Several contacts were made with the ecosystem key actors, including AtomicHub and Alcor. Avral, the lead developper of Alcor confirmed that he is working on adding an Atomic Assets trading market on his platform. Shares may get listed there in the near future.
  • Identify new projects to tokenize. Even if the Wax blockchain is still young, there are working platforms that can benefit from tokenization. Kogs tubes, Koloboks prizes or the upcoming Rplanet game are some possibilities. Working on another blockchain may be possible but will require a significant retooling.
  • Improving the technical foundation and capabilities of the project. The payout system is handled currently by a script. While this solution is working and does not need human intervention, I believe it can be improved by a smart contract. Making one will also allow more complex trustless operations, like NFT lending or on-demand tokenization. If you have smart contract coding skills, feel free to reach me!

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