AW Land Shares March 2021 report

Main activity

  • All mining attempts on one of the three tokenised lands has a chance to get you an exclusive cryptomedal NFT! Check that article for detailed numbers and more information.
  • I have implemented a new way of tracking TLM earned from mining tax. Next report will be more accurate on that part
  • Current market conditions are significantly positive for Wax, Alien Worlds and TLM. Numbers provided in that report can change in the future

March key numbers

  • Over the month, miners produced roughly 56,904 Trilium on the tokenized lands. Shareholders got 5% of this amount for lands on Magor and 3% for the Icy Desert. The total amounted roughly to 8,765.25 TLM or 87.765 Wax at current conversion rate ($25).
  • This payout was increased by 3 landowner allowances (3,245.193 TLM on March 9, 3,507.146 TLM on March 18 and 1881.03 TLM only on March 26). The total income coming from allowances totaled 8 633,369 TLM.
  • A single share paid a total 173,98619 TLM over the month (roughly 17.39 Wax or $5.04). Since payouts are fully automated, shareholders received them twice a day directly.
  • 14 shares were sold, exclusively on AtomicHub. A share auction is ongoing and ends on April, the 6th.

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Building the first NFTs fractional ownership system on WAX. Join me at:

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Mann from NFT Shares

Mann from NFT Shares

Building the first NFTs fractional ownership system on WAX. Join me at:

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