I started the cryptomedals giveaway a month ago and I am happy to announce two nice additions to the project : a new collab and a way to upgrade your medals!

New exclusive NFT art: A’ar Quintas Badge

I have worked with the talented NFT artist Shawn Dall aka Chronamut to bring you an exclusive NFT artwork, limited to 100 items.

A’ar Quintas, also known as the Destroyer, is one of the most complex piece produced by Shawn. The collab was produced with the head of A’ar Quintas and with an exclusive back medals.

As other cryptomedals, the A’ar Quintas Badge is a fully tradable NFT based on Wax blockchain.

How to get my A’ar Quintas Badge?

I won’t do any initial sale of A’ar Quintas badge: you have to get it by burning 3 Worker’s Medals and 1 Merit Award. After all, that little monster is not called the Destroyer for nothing!

All base medals can be mined by playing Alien Worlds and mining on any land owned by nfttreasury1 (Naron 16:18, Magor 14:9, Magor 34:12). If you don’t want to mine your medals or want to speed the process up, you can also purchase them on AtomicHub.

When you are ready, go to that page and blend. Your four medals will be gone forever and you will receive a much rarer and unique A’ar Quintas badge!

What’s next?

  • This first blend will allow me to test the blend concept and see if it adds value to the cryptomedals collection. More will come if you like it!
  • I am always on the lookout for new collabs with NFT artists. More may come sooner than you think!
  • I plan to do special airdrops to lucky cryptomedals owners. The rarer they are, the more you may receive. More on that later!

Want to be a part of the project?

NFT Share is not related with Alien Worlds or AtomicHub in any way. Feel free to send a mail at nftshare@protonmail.com for further information.

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