NFT Shares like AW Land Shares are designed to be fully transferable and sellable. If you own a share, you can trade it whenever you want against other NFTs or cryptocurrencies. This article will show you all you need to know about NFT Shares trading.

NFT Shares technical specifications

NFT Shares use Wax blockchain and its NFT standard. It makes NFTs very convenient to use: Wax is an EOS-based fork and transaction costs are close to zero when you create, buy and sell NFTs.

An AW Land share is a Wax-based NFT paying dividends to its owner

Let’s zoom in NFT Shares technical details:

  • Collection name: allnftshare
  • Author: dsnqy.wam
  • Schema: shares
  • Shares created : AW Land Shares and AW Non-Land Shares (more about them is coming soon!)
  • Current verification status: unverified. It means you’ll have to perform an extra step to trade your shares (see below) and I’m working on it. They are however fully tradable

Selling NFT Shares

NFT Shares have an economic value: first 15 AW Land shares were sold for $20 apiece. If you own a share and need to cash out, you can sell it whenever you want. I’ve prepared a small guide if you’re new to Wax trading.

Connect on AtomicHub to see your holdings

AtomicHub is one of the most convenient user interface for Wax NFT trading. Go on to open it.

Locate your NFT Shares

Open your profile section by clicking on the right top of the screen and click on inventory.

Then, uncheck “Only Verified” (arrow 1 below) and open collection “allnftshares” (arrow 2 below).

Shares you own will be shown on the screen and you’ll be ready to sell them.

If you see that, you’re a proud OG NFT Shareholder!

Make a sale offer

Click on “List on the market” to make a sale offer. All you need is a price, in Wax or USD.

If you’re not sure of the price, you can also auction your shares.

Give your listing some publicity

Sales can take time depending on the current market conditions. You can speed the process up by sharing your sale offer on social media like Twitter or NFT Shares Discord server.

Existing shareholders and NFTs enthusiats are your more likely buyers! Don’t be afraid to talk with them.

Buying NFT Shares

All available shares on the market are listed here. Don’t forget that shares are scarce: there are only 100 AW Land shares for instance. If you see no available shares, you’ll have to wait or find another solution like:

NFT Share is not related with Alien Worlds or AtomicHub in any way. Feel free to send a mail at for further information.

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