I just Open Sourced my Wax scripts!

I am an ardent promoter of Open Source and had several requests for technical help since I started the NFT Share project. How to hit two birds with one stone?

By putting (most) of my scripts on Github! They are available here.

Technical considerations

The repository contains scripts I use to interact with the Wax blockchain. They are written in JavaScript, with Node.js. I am not a developer, don’t expect state of the art syntax or groundbreaking technology. But the scripts work and cover the following use cases:

  • Airdropping custom NFT to Alien Worlds miners (nftDrop.js)
  • Sending an arbitrary token to specific NFT holders (tokenDrops.js)
  • Calling an arbitrary function on a smart contract, for instance for claiming aether on Rplanet (aetherClaim.js)

Up to you, you can read them as an introduction to blockchain scripting and build your own project. The logic of those three scripts allowed me to bot Koloboks for fun or profit.

I will be delighted to get pull requests and feedbacks as well! And feel free to reach your favourite NFT artists or project owner, she/he may know what to do with them!

Want to be a part of the project?

NFT Share is not related with Alien Worlds, RPlanet or AtomicHub in any way. Feel free to send a mail at nftshare@protonmail.com for further information.



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Mann from NFT Shares

Mann from NFT Shares


Building the first NFTs fractional ownership system on WAX. Join me at: https://nftshare.net