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Sunsetting the NFT shares system

After careful thoughts, I have decided to sunset and stop progressively the land shares system. When I started the share system earlier this year, lands costed less than $500, TLM price was inferior to $.06 and NFT were priced at $25. As you know, all those economic data changed a lot and made the project hard to maintain as a side project. I also feel a bit less confident about AW, Wax and allocate less energy to build things there.

Among other things, fractionalised NFT are a very important trend to watch on ETH and Wax missed currently several features to do them at scale. I still own 50 shares and am therefore looking for the most transparent and fair solution for everyone. Feel free to make any suggestion, I will initiate sales now, market conditions look good.

What will happen

I will start selling the lands on nfttreasury1 asking for a price between $7.5-$11k for each land. WAXP tokens coming from each sale will be given back to shares holders, following this formula: 1 share = 1% of the sale. The last payment will probably be made through a backed NFT traded against a share to ensure all shares are removed from the market. I don’t want to delete my article and end up with people buying useless NFT.

Example: the first land is sold at $7k. You own 10 shares, you will get $700 and will also receive 10% of the two subsequent sales. The TLM payment will naturally continue until the last land is sold.

How you can participate

Lands will be sold on AtomicHub and you can indeed buy them. You can also make an offer on the group if you want to buy one. Current fees on land sales on AtomicHub are at 5%, you can therefore ask for a 5% discount if trading OTC.

In any case, the end of the shares system doesn’t mean WSB is over and that I will escape the crypto matrix. Cryptomedals (I am late on the lottery for the last collab but tokens are accrued since July) and chests airdrop will continue.

NFT Share is not related with Alien Worlds or AtomicHub in any way. Feel free to send a mail at for further information.

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